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Welcome to Sea Spray Park

We’re the newest spray park in the area!  At Sea Spray Park you’ll work as part of a team of people who love to help others have fun.  

What we’re looking for …

The most important part of any job at Sea Spray is serving our customers, or “guests.”  Therefore, we look for friendly people who like to smile and make a good impression on our guests.  Of course, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, neatness, courtesy, communication skills and availability are equally important.

You will be working outdoors, in the sun for your shifts so we hope you love the outdoors.

Please complete all parts of the application, including these Qualifying Questions and the Application.   If necessary, include volunteer work, internships, baby-sitting, etc. for work history.

Join Our Team

Are you 16 years of age or over?

Are you currently attending school or have another job during the day?

Available to work weekdays immediately?

Available to work Saturdays immediately?

Available to work Sundays immediately?

Available to work all summer through Labor Day?

Check the one(s) that apply:

Can you live without your cellphone for 2 hours?